KLUANE COLOMBIA LTD is a company dedicated to the provision of mineral drilling services, through technical innovation and human talent. Our services are developed with the highest standards of quality and safety and are aimed at companies in the private and public sector in the country.

With the continuous improvement of the organization, we meet the needs and expectations of customers and achieving benefits for employees.


In the short term, KLUANE COLOMBIA LTD Shall be positioned as a company recognized in the domestic and international mineral drilling services, with the highest standards of quality and safety certificates through outstanding performance, respect for the environment environment, improving the working conditions of employees and achieving a continuous professional development of subcontractors.


Maintaining a culture of integrity protection and health of all our employees and protecting the environment through the prevention of incidents and accidents, illnesses, property damage and socio - environmental, through a system of management HSEQ, complying with the legal force and effect mandated by Colombian law and the countries where it provides services.

Offer products and services of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers gain their respect and loyalty.

Achieving growth of our company and provide the resources needed to achieve other corporate objectives.

Continued to grow by providing drilling services in mining exploration in markets we already serve and expand into new countries with our technologies, capabilities and interests of clients.

Consider changes in the market as a growth opportunity, use our profits and ability to develop and provide excellent services in mining exploration drilling to meet the expectations of customers.

To help employees Kluane Colombia Ltda share the success of the company whose work made possible, provide employment opportunities based on performance; jointly create a safe working environment, interesting and inclusive values ​​their diversity and recognizes individual contributions, help to obtain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in their work.

Develop leaders at every level take responsibility for getting the results expected by the Company and be an example of our values.